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Speed Picking with Randall Padilla and Basin Bands

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Here is a great lesson on speed picking from our new friend Randall Padilla. He is a 2010 World Recor Holder Fastest Guitar .  He just made his way to the Basin from Modesto California and is here to rock! Special thanks to Vitale Justice, Glen Co Co Warner and Firestorm Records for the intro.


Beautiful Abyss visits Basin Bands

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Basin Bands got to meet some cool young dudes starting a new band called Beautiful Abyss.  These guys are excited about making music and their enthusiam is what makes doing this website worthwhile.  I sold them a bass and hope they wear it out rocking their socks off!  Good Luck Guys!

beautiful abyss

Cool Breeze - Live Jazz at Cigar Frogs Midland Texas

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Basin Bands goes upscale for some Live Jazz at Cigar Frogs in Midland Texas. From Cool Breeze with Albert Madrid on Guitar, Jody Orona on Bass and Josh Goates on drums.


Chrome Molly Live from Your Place

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chrome mollySaturday night at Your Place.  We met up with Chrome Molly while they were loading in and thay are some very cool, mellow dudes.  But later that night..  all hell broke loose when they lit up the stage and rocked our asses.  Faces melted, eardrums burst and it was one helluva good rock show!  If you havent seen them yet, make sure you do!
This band has been around for 15 years and the new lineup is great.  Looking forward to a lot more great music from these guys.

Chrome Molly Covers Van Halen 'Aint talking bout love'

Find them on Facebook!

Chrome Molly ridin the Crazy Train!

FIND THEM on Facebook!

Basin Bands History: The Zachary Family

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The Zachary family has been making great gospel music in the Basin for decades.  The entire family are gifted musicians and its been a privledge to share the stage with them.  Back in the 90's we were a band called Z4U - James Zachary was a pro football player and sang beautiful vocals on his self penned 'Clouds of Glory", Eddie was on guitar and is remembered for his song "Grandmas Hands', Sammy sang country and played bass, Carlos was the band leader and such a talent, He played everything and his vocals give us chills.  His wrote a great song called 'Mamma's Prayer' that I'll never forget.  Before Z4U they had played for years around the West Texas.  Dorthy their mother is a sweet spirit that raised her boys to be great men. Their father was well liked, a musician and known as the groundskeeper at Midland Memorial Stadium for years. The other brothers deserve mention too.  This is a great family and a great bunch of musicians from "When our town was young."

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