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Join Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies!

bobwayneBob Wayne says: "Who wants to be Carnie? Thanks Daniel for puttin in a solid 8 months with us!! I need a guitar player that can shred some country music!! Also possibly will have room for a drummer soon.... Hell, while we're at it it if you can rip a banjo hit me up!! Here's the catch...WE TOUR YEAR ROUND and WORLDWIDE."

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Basin Bands Visits THE CELLAR


Filmed live by Basin Bands at the Powerhouse Mix Studio of THE CELLAR with Bogart and Brando on July 18, 2011. http://powerhousemix.net and http://basinbands.com

Basin Bands Calendar

Basin Bands is busy bringing you the best music in West Texas and we just updated our calendar. If you have an event that is not listed on the www.basinbands.com website calendar, let us know and we will add your gig. If you want to know whats happening in the West Texas Music scene, Basin Bands is the place to go!

Band Bloggers Wanted

Want to be a band blogger? Basin Bands is looking for music lovers that want to be a part of the action and record live shows on video for our website. We have 2 brand new Band Cam's ready to go. We are looking for an Odessa correspondent and someone to cover the Latino music scene. If you like to go out and watch live music, why not take a camera and share your favorite music on www.basinbands.com!

Basin Bands on The Cellar


Basin Bands will be doing a live interview tonight at 8:00PM on The Cellar with Bogart and Brando.  
Tune and for latest on West Texas Music!  http://powerhousemix.net/


Basin Bands hopes everyone had a great weekend.  Those of you who attended the Black Gold Rally in Goldsmith Texas have some great stories and videos to share and we want them!  There was so much music in the Permian Basin this weekend, we could'nt see it all, but we had a good time in Midland Texas with Bobby Champion at the Detour, Reload at Rileys, 3 Lit Pigz at Your Place and those awsome Metal Monsters at the Blue Max.  Even a bit of the lawn concert at the Museum of the SouthWest.   We were there to capture some of it, hope you enjoy the videos. BB

Dennis Ross & The Axberg Bros.,The Beatles Medley


You ever want to see real working musicians that play all the time for a living? Year after year they deliver, Dennis Ross & The Axberg Brothers are the real deal. They live and breathe Texas music. They wore out that Fender Telecaster 20 years ago and they are still rockin!!  In this tribute to the Beatles the band add's its unique Texas flavor to some classic songs. Ending with a not to be missed - straight from the soul.. "I look at all the lonely people.." by Dennis Ross to the ending chorus with Jim Axberg's beautiful harmony vocals floating over the thundering horses of John Claude's beat,  this Elanor Rigby ending is a masterpiece of musicianship.   Sir Paul would tip his hat.. Basin Bands certainly does.  Go see them this Labor Day at Rileys Bar & Grill. 

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Basin Bands is here to support Music of West Texas & Permian Basin Musicians.   If you want to get your band noticed, we are here to help.  If you are band looking for a player or a player looking for a band, we are here to help.   If you are a band looking for a video or recording we are here to help.   If you are a band looking for a gig, we are here to help.   If you have a venue and need a band, we are here to help.   If you want to see what the music scene has to offer in West Texas, we are here to help.   We are open to all types of music! All types of Bands are welcome!   Especially Garage bands!   If you are a musician without and band we will profile you and help you find one!   We like to share your music videos.    We encourage all West Texas Musicians to Submit information and links to your music or your band.   Lots of exciting news and events are planned.    Stayed tuned to BasinBands.com!

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